Want to buy or sell your scrap, regrind, virgin plastics, polymers or resins?

We are an industrial plastic converter who specializes in recycing scrap plastic into resin form as well as buying and selling materials in the secondary plastics market. This includes plastic regrind, plastic scrap, post-industrial, as well as prime virgin, off spec, wide spec, and certified plastics, polymers, and resin. We also specialize in both commodity grade and engineering grade resin.

  • Established in 1977

    Al's Plastics is proud of its service to the community and the environment. Our quality control methods ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied and we have the capacity and the equipmennt to handle large volumes.

  • Located in Southern California

    We have access to a network of transportation carriers and brokers and can pickup and deliver to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We also sell directly to exporters and can load sea containers to ship anywhere in the world.